We Will Coach You and Work With You
As You Lead and Execute ..
Your First (or Next) Improvement Project
The Business You Want, The Career You Want, The Recognition We All Need ...
Will Be Fuelled By ... Your Capacity and Skill in Leading and Generating Continual Improvements
Register By March 23rd - 10PM
You Can Join The Challenge For ..
One-time Payment Of Only $100 **
What Does The ..
12 Week Improvement Project Challenge
Mean To You?
From: George Lee Sye
Location: Queensland, Australia
Subject: What Does This Challenge Mean For You?

Truth is, for everyone it will be different ...

For some, you've done business improvement training and now you want to know how to effectively use what you learnt.

For others, you are trained in BI but not certified and need to execute a project to meet certification requirements.

And for some of you, you're looking to develop the most effective process performance problem solving skills so you can make a real difference in the world and to your career!

Before I share with you MY CHALLENGE for this 'Improvement Project' ... let me ask you a question ..
Do Any Of These Statements Apply To You? .. Notice Where Your Answer Is a YES!
  • You've done some lean six sigma training but have not run an improvement project
  • You've been trained in lean six sigma but have not been certified
  • You are trained in lean six sigma and have led projects, but would like to enhance your ability to use the tools to generate improvements
  • You are a business improvement specialist and you want to be more effective and efficient in leading improvement work
  • You work as a business improvement specialist and find it challenging to get projects completed quickly
  • You've already been a student of mine (George Lee Sye) and want to learn more about project execution from me
If ANY Of The Statements Above Apply To You ..
Then I Want To Invite You To Join The '12 Week Improvement Project Challenge'
And Change How You Generate Improvements Forever!
How The Project Challenge Works ...
The challenge costs an INSANELY low $100 to join. This covers all of your coaching videos, materials and resources for the challenge.
Then In Exchange For That INVESTMENT, You Get ...
  • 12 Weeks of Video Coaching and Mission Tasks from George
  • New One Page Digital Workbooks for Each Project Mission
  • Weekly Email Contact With Links and Downloads
  • General Feedback on Mission Tasks
  • Downloadable Tools, Checklists and Project Resources
  • $995 Value
  • $195 Value
  • $195 Value
  • $495 Value
  • $75 Value
Total Value: $1,995
If you want to consistently and effectively generate improvements in your business ...
And enhance your own career, then this is your challenge ...
You have 12 Weeks from the next start date which closes soon!
Need More Information Before You Make Your Decision?
Led by Trainer George Lee Sye, this challenge is designed to help you LEAD and IMPLEMENT your first (or next) improvement project in just 12 weeks ...
Let Me Break Down What You'll Get When You Join The Challenge Today!
Each week, you will receive a new mission from George, sent to your personal email address.

The private weekly videos will be around 10 minutes to 30 minutes in total, and will give you the strategy you need to master for each step in the project journey.

You will be able to network with and ask questions of other challenge participants via the Challenge Forum.

After you watch the videos, you will be given a 'One Page' project mission document with the step by step tactics for completing the next part of the project journey.

There will be videos showing HOW to implement the strategy as well as a digital workbook to help keep everything clear!

These missions will take no more than 1 to 2 hours to complete each week.

Not only do you get 12 weeks of weekly just-in-time video based coaching ...

You are also given a range of downloadable tools to support your work in executing the project mission.

Periodically you send in elements of your work and receive personal feedback and the opportunity to pick the brain of your coach and ask ANY question you have about your project.

(Should You Choose To Accept It ...)
Your Challenge Is To TAKE ACTION And COMPLETE The Tasks Given To You ...
Every Week For 12 Weeks
Yes, some planning and preparation-work is necessary ..

Yes, there will be videos to watch and notes to take ..

But every week, you'll be taking steps toward building a widely sought after and highly respected skill set in problem solving and continual business improvement!

Only one question remains ...

Do YOU Have What It Takes To Meet This Challenge?
By the time the challenge is over, you will have completed an improvement project!

Not only will you have a SOLUTION IMPLEMENTATION PLAN by the end of the challenge, you'll also have documented your work as proof of your competency with improvement!

More importantly, you'l have developed a highly repeatable process for rapidly solving business process performance problems that will stand you out from the rest!
YES, we do guarantee our work!
Your access to the challenge is protected by a 14 day 100% money back guarantee.

+ If you are not happy for any reason
+ If you simply don’t feel this is for you

You’ll get 100% of your money back NO QUESTIONS ASKED EVER
Frequently Asked Questions

What types of projects are best suited to this challenge?
The most suitable projects to undertake for this challenge a process performance gaps where you do not know what the solution is, you only know you have a problem or performance gap.
Will projects always take 12 weeks to complete?
The 12 weeks only applies to this challenge where we give you just-in-time coaching on a myriad of improvement project leadership and execution strategies.

Once you have completed the challenge, you'll have been exposed to the same strategy George applies in his consulting work with customers and how he goes about completing improvement project work in as little as two weeks.
Do I need to have been trained in lean and six sigma to undertake this challenge?
You will need to have received some training in lean and / or six sigma to undertake this challenge.

How the pieces and tools of the lean and six sigma toolkits actually work is taught in the Green Belt training program.

In this challenge the assumption is that you know how the major tools work and now we simply look at how to lead a project through the DMAIC sequence and effectively utilise those improvement methods.
Do I need to have been trained by George in lean and six sigma methods to undertake this challenge?
No you don't. While there will definitely be some differences in what you'll have learnt compared to how and what George teaches, you should have the key elements you need if you did your training and / or gained your qualification from a credible training provider.
As a company, can we undertake this project challenge with a group of candidates?
Yes you can.  We can make arrangements to work with a group of change leaders as part of a company initiative.

Be aware that the pricing here reflects options for students who pay in advance by credit card. Prices will be slightly different for purchase order based payments in arrears. We can provide a quotation in any case.
Please note, prices shown are lowest cost offers for individual online purchases only. For corporate access prices via purchase order payments, please email [email protected] for a quote.

This 12 week challenge is somewhat similar to the GB Pro Coaching program, however the GB Pro Coaching option for LSS Green Belt students includes 26 weeks of personal feedback and individually tailored guidance. It is a much higher level of coaching with one-to-one coach interaction.
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