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12 Nov 2020
An article about the relevance of lean six sigma qualifications that never expire, regardless of the activity of the holder.
17 Sep 2020
Some good can come out of the pandemic response. In our case we've found a way to be even more effective in delivering professional development and lean six sigma training.
2 Jun 2020
An article about why we plan data collection the way we do in six sigma project work. A quick look at the end result gives us clues.
14 May 2020
An article about the integration of both lean and six sigma methods to create value by removing the most common forms of waste in your business.
23 Apr 2020
George explains how and why a coaching program, if done properly, can enhance a sound business improvement strategy.
20 Apr 2020
Even when change is forced on a company, opportunities exist to make progressive change that positions them in a better place.
2 Dec 2019
A look at the most common questions we receive about Lean Six Sigma training specifically and how to get value out of it.
28 Nov 2019
A look at the most common questions we receive about Lean Six Sigma as part of a business improvement strategy and how to get value out of it.
21 Nov 2019
If providers of master black belt training aren't careful, they will be the cause of MBBs becoming irrelevant.
14 Nov 2019
George discusses the concept of lean six sigma education and its practical nature in the world of skills development. Watch the video.
4 Nov 2019
The best way to begin the analysis of data so that you don’t get bogged down and you solve the problem as efficiently as possible, that's the goal here.
23 Oct 2019
Questions form the backbone of any investigation or analysis. Here is a guide to asking better questions in FMEA.
22 Oct 2019
Pro tips about the questions you ask to effectively map processes and not get caught out by hidden waste.
22 Oct 2019
One shift that needs to take place for you if you’re a user of MS Excel and learning how to use statistical analysis software such as SigmaXL, is the way you think about how data is laid out on a worksheet. This article is to help you make that shift.
20 Sep 2019
I came to realise there are points along the improvement journey when the thinking of the people involved could either support of kill innovation. And much of this thinking stems from the conditioning we are exposed to in educational institutions and at work.
13 Sep 2019
The new and upgraded 9 Skills Factory App is now available for lean six sigma professionals.
27 Aug 2019
A mixed martial artist is confronted with unique problems, and in response needs to develop a broad array of skills from many disciplines to solve those problems. And so it is for someone who tackles the problems of business improvement head on.
13 Jun 2019
Technology is changing and advancing at a rate that is difficult to keep up with, you know that don’t you? That’s why you need to constantly update your understanding of what technology can do for you organisationally and personally.
11 Jun 2019
During our change leader training, students are exposed to situations where steps in a process have waste present. Here’s where a very common thinking pattern emerges.
16 May 2019
Without a clear understanding of what the problem actually is, improvement project work always risks getting away from the starting blocks at a super slow pace.
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