Legacy Packs for Influencers

A Sneak Peak at the New Legacy Packs for Influencers and Presenters
The first pack we've assembled contains online content that you can access as training courses.

The pack includes the following training courses with George:

(a) Delivering the Perfect Pitch
(b) Storytelling with Data Presentation
(c) The Influencers' Guide to Powerpoint
(d) Stage Presentations 101
(e) The Commbank Speech
The second pack which is only offered to customers who access #1 contains supporting resources including the following:

(a) Delivering the Perfect Pitch Book (we cover postage)
(b) Design & Delivery Blueprint - George's Pro Version
(c) DPP Course Playbook
(d) Audio - DPP Course
(e) Audio - Storytelling with Data Course
(f) Audio - Powerpoint for Influencers Course
(g) Audio - Stage Presentations 101
(h) Audio - The Commbank Speech
The third and final pack offer, again only offered to customers who access #1, will be the online courses from George's jewel in the crown 6-day Advanced Leadership and Presentation Bootcamp.

So you get a sense of how significant this will be, here's a peak at some of the topics:

- Three Layers of Neurology in Performance
- Small Group Personalities, Meeting Emotional Needs
- Presentation 4MAT
- Expanded Awareness as a Public Speaker
- Rapid Rapport Building
- State Elicitation
- Tossing the Script
- Hypnotic Language Patterns
- Use of Metaphors and Nested Loops
- Speaking to Meta-Programs and Communicating to Mis-matchers
- Internal Representation Systems
- Phrase Anchoring and Archetypal Poses
- Presenter Introductions / Thanking a Presenter
- Questioning Skills - Asking / Receiving
- Speaking to Values
-  Phrase and Proximity Anchoring

And the list goes on ... this will be his most exciting offer.
Offers and Support  
Checkout George's 14 Week Green Belt Pro course.

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