Take Your Practical Business Improvement Leadership Skills To The BLACK BELT Level In Only 26 Weeks
26 Week Black Belt is is for the Green Belt practitioner who seeks to expand their technical knowledge, and enhance their ability to lead high level, complex, value generating  improvement projects in any industry.

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The 26 Week Black Belt Pro-Coaching Program
BB01: FMEA (WEEK 1 - 2)
FMEA is widely used as a stand alone tool for 'error proofing' processes and reducing the likelihood that a business will experience 'failure modes'.
In fact some of the most significant improvements we've seen have been made through the use of this tool to prevent non value adding deviations in core business processes.
It compliments the traditional lean and six sigma toolkit.
This course of education covers a topics drawn from skills in:
- Leading and Facilitating Continuous Improvement
- Project Management
- Risk Management
This module is generic in nature and relevant to the improve and control phases of the DMAIC project management model.
Today we erase negative thoughts about statistics and accelerate the learning process in applying quantitative decision making in meaningful ways through the use of software packages such as MINITAB ® and SigmaXL ®.
Underlying formulas, equations and theory are not the focus, application of the tools taught and the interpretation of the results is the focus.
In its purest form, QFD is a core tool in 'Design for Six Sigma'. It can also be used in the process of identifying where to focus your energies as an improvement project leader for the greatest impact on the business.
This course teaches black belts the basic QFD as it applies to an existing product or service.
Access Option - BB Pro Coaching and Certification
Lean Six Sigma BB Course
10 Course Workbooks (PDF)
Tools, Templates, Data Sets
Text-book Readings (PDF)
24 Hour Unlimited Access
26x Weekly Training Tasks
Guided Application Assignments
BB Certification Process and Tools
BB Certification Examination
Assignment Feedback / Personal Tuition
26 Weeks of Project Execution Suport
BONUS - 12 Week Project Execution Masterclass Program
Access Option - Self Paced Training and BB Certification
Lean Six Sigma BB Course
10 Course Workbooks (PDF)
Tools, Templates, Data Sets
Text-book Readings (PDF)
24 Hour Unlimited Access
26 Week Training Plan
Certification Assignment Guide
BB Certification Process and Tools
BB Certification Examination
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Your Trainer and Coach - George Lee Sye
George is not a lean or six sigma zealot. That doesn't mean he isn't knowledgeable technically. What it does mean is that he's committed to the idea of improvement and getting results effectively using whatever tools make the most sense. And that's what he teaches his students.

After more than two decades of leading projects and practical application, with a dedication to studying that which works most effectively, George has developed an extraordinary, widely sought after, body of knowledge upon which this training is built. His story is here.


What Customers Are Saying
"My main purpose and ambition in my career has been to help people create direction, structure and improve their work toward the achievement of their team goals. George's green belt and black belt training has enabled me as a business improvement practitioner to provide a far more superior service to my colleagues at work. George's tutelage is forever inspiring and he has an amazing ability to take highly complex concepts and create understanding and applicability. Since we started our journey with George we have seen our operation move from a highly unorganized, unstructured, variable and cashflow negative operation to the rising star in the company portfolio. We have improved our drill metre advances and stoping tonnages by 30% in 2019 and realized profitability for the first time since the inception of the project. Thanks George for all your energy and inspiration through our business improvement journey."
Gary-Jon Brown - Gold Fields South Africa
The Ultimate Option is BLACK BELT Pro Coaching
#1: Guided Training and Weekly Assignment Tuition

As a coached student you receive direct and personal feedback over 26 weeks from your coach for each of the micro assignments and also the core competency assignments.

Where any gaps exist, personal tuition and guidance is provided.
#2: Additional Pro Masterclasses

Additional video masterclasses from George Lee Sye are provided throughout the program to expand your knowledge of both the technical and social aspects of the content being taught.
#3: Project Mentoring Support

Candidates will have access to additional support and mentoring to assist with the competency associated with project execution and leadership.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do candidates need to complete a project to get certified?
Yes, a BB candidate must lodge evidence of the leadership of two DAMIC projects in addition to the one lodged for their Green Belt certification. We need to make sure:

(a) Candidates can apply the different methodologies in the real world situation of the work place, and

(b) Value is generated for the host company through working on actual value adding improvement projects.
How does a candidate know what tools they need to show competency with?
If a certification candidate completes (a) all assignment work, and (b) passes the final BB examination, they will have meet the requirements for evidence of competency.
What happens if a certification candidate does not lodge assignments?
It is ultimately up to the candidate to do the work.

Bottom line is the assignment work must be lodged and meet the minimum standard in order for certification to be completed.

In cases where a BB Pro coaching participant does not lodge assignment work, the coach will prompt them.

In cases where this failure to lodge assignments persists and the coaching arrangement is part of a larger company contract, the coach will escalate the situation by providing information to the relevant BI Manager or representative.
How is the certification exam conducted?
The exam is conducted online via the 9 Skills Factory platform.

It is a self-paced, open book exam where students are given 7-days to complete all parts of the exam.

Each of the parts can be undertaken separately and on different days according to what works best for the student.
How will a candidate know if they’ve passed the exam?
The pass rate is set at a minimum of 80 percent correct.

For each part of the examination, candidates get immediate feedback on (a) whether or not they passed and (b) the percentage answered correctly.
What does a candidate do if they do not pass the exam?
The candidate can undertake the exam as many times as they need to in order to achieve a pass result during the 7-day examination period.
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