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An Invitation To Join 9 Skills Factory as an Affiliate Partner
IMPORTANT: your participation in this program indicates your acceptance of 9 Skills Factory affiliate partner agreement. The agreement can be found here:

By becoming our Affiliate Partner, we can jointly make an impact on the quality of other people's careers, businesses and lives by opening up the doors to the gift of learning some of the most important skills required for success in these challenging times.

As our Affiliate Partner, you join a unique group of people with a common commitment to personal development and contribution to making our world a better place to live.


The program works in principle as follows:

(A) You refer customers to 9 Skills Factory offers, primarily the Academy Membership offer

(B) Any person who (a) links to our web site using the personal affiliate link you provide them with, and (b) makes a purchase, is automatically connected to your account

(C) A percentage of the sale value is paid directly to you as the Affiliate who made the referral


The program pays affiliates a minimum fee of 20 percent.


You access your Affiliate links by logging in to the Affiliate Centre.

You can send your Affiliate LINKS BY EMAIL to either (a) your database of customers and prospects if you are a business, or (b) your network.

You can place your Affiliate links on YOUR WEB SITE .

You can use links in SOCIAL MEDIA POSTS.


Benefit #1: Your professional network connects even greater value to their relationship with you as you provide them with high value offers.

Benefit #2: You know that you have contributed to the advancement of the well-being of people in your network through your 'gift' of exposure to our career enhancing education programs.

Benefit #3: You create an ongoing passive income stream by receiving a percentage of any fees paid by your guest.

Benefit #4: Your own personal growth and development as a 9SF member is funded by your passive income stream.

Benefit #5: Your guests are provided with the same opportunities to join this program, be an associate and fund their own personal growth.


IMPORTANT: your participation in this program indicates your acceptance of 9 Skills Factory affiliate partner agreement. The agreement can be found here:

In addition here are some rules we expect every affiliate partner to follow when promoting our products.

(a) You agree to comply with all laws regarding SPAM, including, but not limited to the Australian Government Spam Act

(b) You agree to comply with the ACCC guidelines for use of testimonials and affiliate endorsements.

(c) You agree not to use any intellectual property of 9 Skills Factory and Soarent Publishing unless you receive explicit permission. For example you cannot use a domain that contains 9 Skills Factory wording in it such as You must instead use your own domain name for example or are ok for you to use.

(d) You agree that you cannot earn a commission by purchasing products from 9 Skills Factory using your own affiliate link if it is the first sale made by Affiliate. As per our terms: "Once Affiliate has made at least one valid, non-refunded sale to a third party for the respective promotion, then Affiliate can receive a commission for products that Affiliate purchases from 9SF through Affiliate's own affiliate link"

If you do no agree or do not follow these rules, please do not apply or promote our programs, your commissions will not be paid.


You apply to be an Affiliate Partner by sending us an email expression of interest with the following details:
Your name
Your contact details
Your Linkedin profile link (if you have one)
Your website or work details
Size of your network / data base
How you would promote 9SF offers

If you have any questions, contact us at [email protected]

Here's to your future success
George Lee Sye


Q: What commissions are paid?
A: A minimum of 20% commission is paid to affiliates, these are recurring in the case of any subscription renewals (i.e. you get paid as long as a subscribing member remains a member).

Q: How are commissions paid?
A: Commissions are paid monthly via Paypal

Q: When are commissions paid?
A: Affiliate payments will be made every 15th of the month for commissions generated the month-2. For Example all commissions for sales generated in January will be paid on March 15. This is to accommodate for the 30 days money back guarantee and accounting process.

Q: What is 9 Skills Factory?
A: In simple terms it is an education platform that delivers training and coaching to motivated employees who seek to develop problem solving, selling and change leadership skills. Full details are on our home page here >> 

Q: What results can I expect?
A: It will depend on your audience and how responsive they are.

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