What is The Blue Circle Coaching Network?
Professional coaching designed for high potential individuals seeking to reach their leadership potential (usually in large companies or government organisations), and high level business improvement professionals seeking to be true change agents.

It provides a focus on 3 key levers - you personally, how you operate in your circle of authority, and how you grow your circle of influence.

It benefits you personally from a career perspective, and serves to benefit your organisation.
Who is George Lee Sye?
George has trained / coached some 200,000 people since 1996, many of whom are now Managers, Senior Executives and CEOs with incredibly successful careers.

He is a passionate father, grandfather, motorcyclist, husband, coach, mentor and lifestyle enthusiast. George's super power is turning complex technical concepts into simple teachable skills that enhance how you improve yourself and your business.

With an extensive career that began in 1975, his coaching is underpinned by a deep and broad working experience across numerous industries and disciplines.

His story is here ..
What you'll get from George
#1 Clarity
George will respond with clear, succinct, tailored feedback that makes it very clear on next steps for you to take.
#2 Honesty
George will be incredibly honest with you and provide feedback designed to help you quickly. His no nonsense, no waffle approach fits in perfectly with his ability to focus on behaviour and not biased inferences.
#3 Accountability
George will hold you accountable for progress and movement towards your goals. There's nothing quite like a coach to keep you focused.
What makes this coaching different from other coaching?
It gives attention to what you really need today.

Technical job based skills and coaching will get you so far; but an extraordinary career that capitalises on your potential will only come from developing the skills that surround the technical aspects of your job.

George's experience and capability in those skills, and his ability to coach others in them is second to none.
If you are interested, please submit your application here.
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