Learn the Skills of a GB Coach in Just 4 Weeks and
Take Your BI Capability To the Next Level

This Green Belt Coach-the-Coach Training is for high potential improvement professionals who have a strong desire to support and coach green belt level students, and increase their circle of influence.

This is especially effective for companies wanting to develop internal coaches.
Level 1 BI Coach Development Agenda

Skills for putting the student at cause, providing timely and effective feedback and guiding them into behavioural change.

Mentoring the leadership of a DMAIC project so that momentum is maintained, and results are generated as quickly as possible.

Enhancing the technical aspects of project work with ability to guide project leaders in the soft skills of sustainable organisational change.

Providing technical guidance to green belt level practitioners so they use the most relevant tools and processes correctly.

Your knowledge and understanding of the content is assessed with a self-paced examination.
What's Included In The Training?
Short course / video based structure
Coach guided tasks and activities - self paced completion
Downloadable PDF workbooks for each course element
Problem based learning reinforcement
Quiz based final assessment
24 hour unlimited access to course content and modules
Consistentency with all training programs delivered on 9SF
PLUS the bonuses listed below.
For access to courses via purchase order, please contact our support team at [email protected] 
Bonus Training Courses
Your GB Coach the Coach training also includes the following bonus training courses. This bundle of soft skills training will be called upon as you work through Part 3 of GB Coach the Coach.
Delivering the Perfect Pitch Training
A masterclass in the strategies of presenting and pitching ideas and getting buy-in.
Essential learning for anyone involved in 'selling solutions' and getting stakeholders on board with new ideas for change.
Story Telling with Data Masterclass
A masterclass in the skills of storytelling and presentation of data as an influencer of change.
Essential learning for anyone involved in presenting ideas for change and using data as part of their evidence strategy.
Facilitation Fundamentals
A short course in the fundamentals of facilitation as they apply to the work of an improvement project facilitator.
Essential learning for every improvement project leader.
Your Trainer - George Lee Sye
George is a professional and highly trained performance coach, who has trained some 30,000 business leaders and professionals on the topics of business improvement. Over a 20+ year period he has personally coached 3,000 + lean six sigma professionals.

His goal is to transfer his knowledge of the skills of coaching, and pass on all of the technical and change leadership strategies he uses to help his students get results quickly and use the tools of business improvement to generate measurable results.
Closing a Career Development Gap
I have found the GB Coach the Coach Program to be invaluable for my career.

It has brought about a paradigm shift in my own mindset and the way I coach up-and-coming change leaders from both a soft skills as well as technical BI tools standpoint.

Most importantly, the learnings on the program have enabled me to positively influence, develop energy and sustain momentum for change initiatives at all levels of the organisation.
Michael Olivier - Business Improvement Engineer
Yes, we guarantee our work!
Your access to George's GB Coach-the-Coach Training Course is protected by a 14 day 100% money back guarantee.

+ If you are not happy for any reason
+ If you simply don’t feel this is for you

You’ll get 100% of your money back NO QUESTIONS ASKED EVER

That's how confident we are that you will love this course.
Frequently Asked Questions

Does this training include certification as a Coach?
At the end of this training, you will have completed the formal training element of the coach development program and will receive a certificate of training completion. 

Certification as a coach involves three levels of progress and technical development:

LEVEL 1 APPOINTED COACH - Complete the training and observe the coaching process and all student tuition over the full 26 weeks of the GB Pro coaching program.

LEVEL 2 CERTIFIED COACH - Successful coach 1x GB Pro student through the 26 week program under the guidance of a senior coach.

LEVEL 3 QUALIFIED COACH - Successfully coach multiple students through the 26 week GB Pro program under the guidance of a senior coach.

This certification program is normally conducted in association with George by companies intending to develop internal coaches as part of their business improvement strategy.

To discuss this certification further, contact us at [email protected]
What employees would this program be suited to?
Participants will be suited to this program if they are:

(a) Trained to at least a lean six sigma green belt level that follows the body of knowledge presented in Process Mastery with Lean Six Sigma 2nd Edition,

(b) Show potential as future leaders of the organisation, and

(c) Have been nominated to be a business improvement coach to the students of the lean six sigma training program.
Are there any pre-requisites to this training?
The participant needs to (a) be competent practitioner to the level of Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, and (b) be proficient in the use of either SigmaXL or Minitab Software.

There are additional pre-requisites for the Change Leadership module, however the content for that is provided in the training package.
How does the training actually run?
Participants will register for the program using a registration page on the www.9skillsfactory.com web site.

They will receive instructions via email which will guide them in the next steps.
They will access the LSS GB Coaching Program via their personal 9 Skills Factory member dashboard.

The opening video will explain how the program is conducted and they will then download the course workbook and simply work through each of the modules and follow instructions presented in lessons.

An email will be sent to them each week over a 5 week period to guide them on what training tasks to complete.

As they work through the training and course videos, they record notes in their workbook.

They then complete end of lesson quizzes to reinforce learnings.

When all modules and lessons are completed, participants can complete the final online assessment.

A certificate of training completion is added to their account upon passing the minimum pass rate for the assessment.
Do participants need to complete assignments during the training phase?
No they don't, the participant is guided to complete each lesson and part of the course in a weekly email.

Each lesson is delivered by video and accompanied by a learning reinforcement quiz.

Assignment work is an important part of the master black belt development program.
What happens if a participant does not complete all lessons?
It is ultimately up to the participant to do the work.

If they don't complete all lessons, they don't complete the program and will not have access to any course / training completion evidence.
Is group coaching or training provided?
Group training can be undertaken by groups of participants from the one company.

They would simply come together in a suitable venue and run through the online content and quizzes together.

Additional group coaching from Soarent Vision can be arranged by your company upon request for specifically requested content.

For us to deliver additional group coaching, our preferred platform is the Zoom application, though MS Teams can also be used as an alternative in special circumstances where Zoom is not available to participants.
How is the the final assessment conducted?
The course assessment is conducted online via the 9 Skills Factory platform.

It is a self-paced, open book quiz where students can complete the 4-parts of the quiz at their own pace.

Each of the parts can be undertaken separately and on different days according to what works best for the participant.
How will a participant know if they’ve passed the assessment?
The pass rate is set at a minimum of 80 percent correct.

For each part of the assessment, participants get immediate feedback on (a) whether or not they passed and (b) the percentage answered correctly.
What does a participant do if they do not pass the final certification exam?
The participant can undertake the assessment as many times as they need in order to achieve a pass result.

It's not the intention of the assessment to test memory, rather the intention is to reinforce learning and test participant's understanding of the material.
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