An invitation to everyone interested in learning how Lean and Six Sigma really work..
Understanding modern day practical application of Lean and Six Sigma in business.
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FREE Multi Video Web Class
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This is a 3 video web class presented by George Lee Sye, a world leader in the practical and effective use of lean and six sigma methods to drive genuine improvements.

They are intended to simplify your understanding of these methods, and clear up common myths and misinformation that circulates.

If you are intending to undertake training in these methods, watch these first!

After watching these, you'll have a much clearer understanding of..
  • How to explain the difference in these methods
  • How these methods relate to all businesses
  • The principles behind the lean methodology
  • The simplicity of how six sigma actually works and how it differs from lean
  • Why you must develop skills in these methods today in order to enhance your own career
Something You Need To Know
3 Secrets for an Accelerated Career
Secret #1 - More qualifications are not what you need to stand out for promotion or employment ...
Secret #2 - The better the quality of problems you solve, the more quality content you can put in your CV ...
Secret #3 - The ability to solve problems in the most common contexts sets you up to manage and lead in any industry without being a content expert ...
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