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This multi video web class is presented by George Lee Sye, a world leader in the practical and effective use of problem solving methodologies such as lean.

The goal of this web class is to introduce you to the concept of Lean, and give you some tools you can use immediately in your own work.

After watching these videos, you'll have a much clearer understanding of..
  • The waste that builds up in our routine work
  • The difference between value add and non value add
  • Where to focus your process improvement energies for the greatest benefit
  • How to take time out of routine processes
  • The types of waste you will notice more of when you build these skills
In These Tough Times, So Get Ready Now For The Jobs Competition Coming Our Way
3 Secrets for Getting Interviewed for Promotion or Obtaining Work
Secret #1 - More qualifications are not what you need to stand out.
Secret #2 - The better the quality of problems you solve, the more quality content you can put in your Resume, and
Secret #3 - Your ability to remove waste using lean tools sets you up to have more time to focus on activities that create the most value.
HURRY! The class opens as soon as you register with 48 hours of access:
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