"If you can't sell yourself... your products... your services, good luck competing and surviving in business in the 21st Century."
Every one of us has struggled at some time to present our ideas and get audiences to buy-in to them!
You can change that right here when you turn all of your presentations into  powerfully persuasive pitches for buy-in.
DPP Training Course
3 Modules
2.7 Hours of Masterclass Video Content
Course Workbook
Content Delivered by George Lee Sye
24 Hour Unlimited Access
Certificate of Training Completion

George wrote this course so that people like you ..

Who aren’t psychologists...

Who can’t hypnotise people...

Who haven’t perfected a sales pitch...

.. can easily design and deliver a powerfully persuasive presentation that captures audience attention, and causes them to consider your idea fully.

The Course
George Lee Sye's Delivering the Perfect Pitch
3 Modules
2.7 Hours of Masterclass Video Content
The Curriculum
Module 1 - 3 Core Principles and 4 Common Mistakes to Avoid:
The principles help you understand why we design the structure of a pitch the way we do, and what causes us to miss the mark when we pitch to an audience.
We also look at the 4 most common mistakes we all make as presenters that cause us to get resistance - mistakes you will see everywhere once you know them.
Module 2 - Two Powerful Tools of Influence and Persuasion:
Firstly we look at how to capture moments of persuasive opportunity so that you can leverage support from others in an organisation, regardless of their level or position in the hierarchy, and maximise the probability you will get a "YES" response to legitimate requests.
Secondly, we explain a simple yet profoundly effective way to think about the language you use in your presentations so that you don't unknowingly undermine the message you want to deliver.
Module 3 - The Syntax of an Effective Pitch:
This is the final piece, the structure of a pitch that follows the way people process information. This gives you a recipe for how you design and deliver your pitch in such a way that you maximise the probability that (a) people will go through the presentation to the end without rejecting it, and (b) you will get a positive response to what you are proposing.
A Skill For Life
This course can be a game changer for any presenter - when you stand out from the pack, you are more likely to get and hold the attention of any audience.
It is also a game changer for any person who wants to get the buy-in of another to an idea - parents, teachers, trainers, supervisors, managers, leaders, entrepreneurs!
Downloadable Workbook
A downloadable PDF course workbook that will guide you through the training and provide you with notes from the training.
Platform Access
You get unlimited 24 hour access to the content for as long as you want on the 9 Skills Factory platform.
By completing the course including watching all videos and passing the final progress quiz, you will have access to a downloadable training completion certificate.
After completing this course, you will ..

Know why you are getting resistance

Know the principles you must not violate if you want to be successful in your pitch

Have a 4 point checklist of mistakes that you will no longer make

Be able to design and deliver a pitch / presentation that is perfectly in sync with how your audience thinks

Is this relevant to you?

Even if you don't present formally from a stage, you are 'selling' ideas!

Regardless of whether you are a Parent, Teacher, Student, Employee, Manager, CEO, Entrepreneur. Improvement professional, Author, or Speaker …

… what you learn in this training is a life skill you can use as an influencer of people.

It is our intention to provide value and only offer training based on what we use ourselves and know works.
If you do not believe you received value from this training, let us know in writing within 14 days of ordering and we will happily refund your purchase, no questions asked.

In case you're wondering, we will NEVER share any of your personal details.
DPP Training Course
3 Modules
2.7 Hours of Masterclass Video Content
Course Workbook
Content Delivered by George Lee Sye
24 Hour Unlimited Access
Certificate of Training Completion
Is this really suitable to anyone?

Every person on the planet 'pitches' things ... ideas, products, services, even new skills in training courses. It's all selling you know, all for the purpose of getting buy-in to some idea or physical thing.

So if you have children, if you're self employed and sell products or services, if you are an employee who wants to get approval or buy-in for value adding ideas .... this IS for you.

How practical is this course?

This training is definitely NOT some course full of impractical ideas and theories.

No, this is the product of a 45 year career of practical experience in successfully influencing change, and is the underpinning strategy used to deliver more than 1,000 seminars. It's the work of a practitioner, not academic theorist.

Am I pressured into completing the training in an unrealistic time frame?

No, there is NO PRESSURE to complete the training in any condensed time frame.

The original corporate seminar clocks in at 3 hours of content delivery plus activities.

In this online version you are provided with bite sized chunks that you can work through at your own pace. And the vast majority of it is in video form.

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