Delivering the Perfect Pitch
A Profoundly Practical Guide For All Presenters, Influencers, Parents, Change Leaders
Remember when..

You had a solution to some obvious problem ..

You knew it would make a difference,  so you put time and energy into developing it.

You might even have built a business around it.

But when you presented it resistance and pushback was right there in your face, feelings of frustration surged through your body, and your idea now sits on a shelf gathering dust.

This happens to everyone at some time .. unfortunately some of us go hungry when this happens!
What if..

You knew why people might resist your idea, you could present that solution and have it considered properly, and...

the way you presented it actually helped you overcome resistance!

The days of presenting solutions and getting resistance.. before your audience understands the idea fully.. are officially gone!

This book took 20 years to create, you can learn all of the content in less than a day.

This book was written to show you how you can easily design and deliver a presentation that captures audience attention, and causes them to consider your idea fully.
Delivering the Perfect Pitch
by George Lee Sye
  • 5 CORE PRINCIPLES that will SHIFT THE RESULTS you experience when pitching your solutions and ideas to get buy-in
  • The FIVE MAJOR MISTAKES all leaders and influencers make in PITCHING IDEAS that you must and will avoid
  • A powerful INFLUENCE AND PERSUASION TOOL you can use immediately at home and at work
  • An influential LANGUAGE PATTERN you must use to positively enhance conversational interaction
  • A 4 PHASE STRATEGY for getting buy-in to your good ideas and achieving long term sustainable change
  • The 6-STEP SEQUENCE for delivering your most persuasive pitch
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This is a must read for..
  • Teachers and Trainers
  • Parents and Partners
  • Supervisors and Managers
  • Small and Medium Business Owners
  • Business Leaders
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Business Improvement Specialists
  • Job Seekers
  • Public Speakers
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