Learn The Essential Skills of Professional Business Improvement in Just 14 Weeks
14 Week Green Belt is is for the high performer who wants to quickly generate value by solving process problems without wasting time learning useless tools and irrelevant theory.

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14 Week Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Course Agenda
WEEK 1: Lean Fundamentals
  • Clarity on the lean methodology
  • Lean principles and foundation concepts
  • Looking at businesses as value streams
  • Value stream mapping and analysis
WEEK 2: Project Set Up, Flow Charting and the Baseline
  • Getting clear on exactly what the problem is
  • The 3 key elements of problem statement writing
  • Mapping the process corrrectly as part of a lean project
  • Establishing a lean baseline pre-improvement
WEEK 3: Lean Tools for Identifying Sources of Waste
  • Mapping activities effectively at the right level of detail
  • Analysing the value of time
  • Analysing time and motion
  • Distribution of time across resources and process imbalance
WEEK 4: Creating the Lean Process
  • Process balancing strategies
  • Optimising flow through work cell design
  • Reducing changeover time to optimise performance
  • Single minute exchange of die and the SMED strategy
WEEK 5: Optimising Flow with 5S
  • The Fives Esses
  • Using 5S to support work flow and performance
  • Sustaining 5S effectively
  • Evaluating 5S performance and continually improving
WEEK 6: Pull Systems and Poka Yoke
  • Poka Yoke and error proofing concepts
  • Proofing versus prevention
  • Push versus pull - what, why, when and how
  • Pull strategies
WEEK 7: Locking In Solutions
  • Visual controls
  • Monitoring performance
  • Lean production boards and their application
  • Responding to deviations
WEEK 8: Six Sigma Fundamentals
  • The difference between lean and six sigma methodologies
  • Six sigma principles and foundation concepts
  • Why micro improvements are so important
  • Projects with a six sigma bias
WEEK 9: Preparation for Data Analysis
  • The basics of the analysis software (SigmaXL and Minitab)
  • Understanding data types and why it's so important
  • The fundamentals of statistical analysis
  • Normal probability distributions and normality testing
WEEK 10: Data Collection Planning and Data Assembly
  • Mapping inputs, process and outputs for data collection
  • Prioritising the highest impact cause variables
  • Planning the collection of data and sampling concepts
  • Data collection and collation
WEEK 11: Baseline Performance and Stability Analysis
  • Process capability
  • Process sigma as a baseline metric
  • SPC versus stability analysis for a six sigma project
  • Control charts with SigmaXL and Minitab
WEEK 12: The Analysis of Data to Identify Cause
  • Connecting the data collection plan to your analysis approach
  • Turning suspicions into data analysis questions
  • The decision for for choosing tools and visual displays
  • Statistical analysis tools for validating cause and effect
WEEK 13: More Cause Effect and Solution Generation
  • Cause and effect chains and points of intervention
  • Qualitative cause and effect analysis tools and validation
  • Generating and packaging solutions
  • Ranking solutions against absolute and weighted criteria
WEEK 14: VOC and Monitoring Performance
  • The voice of the customer and your business
  • Mapping VOC into the SIPOC tool
  • Monitoring performance and responding to deviations
  • Select the right variables for your monitoring plan
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Lean Six Sigma GB Course
200 Page Course Workbook (PDF)
Tools, Templates, Data Sets
Text-book Readings (PDF)
24 Hour Unlimited Access
Weekly Training Task and Assignment
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Lean Six Sigma GB Course
200 Page Course Workbook (PDF)
Tools, Templates, Data Sets
Text-book Readings (PDF)
24 Hour Unlimited Access
14 Week Training Plan
GB Certification Process and Tools
GB Certification Examination
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14 Week Lean Six Sigma GB Course
200 Page Course Workbook (PDF)
Tools, Templates, Data Sets
Text-book Readings (PDF)
24 Hour Unlimited Access
14 Weekly Training Tasks + Assignments
GB Certification Process and Tools
GB Certification Examination
Weekly Feedback / Assignment Tuition
BONUS - 12 Weeks of Project Execution Masterclasses
BONUS - Project Execution Coaching
GB Pro Coaching Is The Ultimate Option
Bonus #1: 14 Weeks of Personal Feedback and Tuition

As a coached student you receive direct and personal feedback from your coach for each weekly assignment.

Where any gaps exist, personal tuition is provided.
Bonus #2: 12 Weeks of Project Execution Tuition

Coached students draw on the vast experience of George Lee Sye in the practical art of applying the methodologies and leading projects that efficiently and effectively generate value.

The 12 Week Project Challenge closes out the application element of LSS Green Belt Certification.
Bonus #3: One-on-One Coaching

As well as the 12 weeks of additional project execution tuition and video tutorials, pro coaching students also have access to 1-hour of personal project leadership guidance with the coach.
Bonus #4: Additional Training Courses for GBPro Candidates

You will also be provided access to additional training courses and modules that you can utilise at your leisure.
+ Facilitation Fundamentals Course
+ Project Start Up Blueprint Course
+ MS Excel Pro Tips
What Customers Are Saying
"My main purpose and ambition in my career has been to help people create direction, structure and improve their work toward the achievement of their team goals. George's green belt and black belt training has enabled me as a business improvement practitioner to provide a far more superior service to my colleagues at work. George's tutelage is forever inspiring and he has an amazing ability to take highly complex concepts and create understanding and applicability. Since we started our journey with George we have seen our operation move from a highly unorganized, unstructured, variable and cashflow negative operation to the rising star in the company portfolio. We have improved our drill metre advances and stoping tonnages by 30% in 2019 and realized profitability for the first time since the inception of the project. Thanks George for all your energy and inspiration through our business improvement journey."
Gary-Jon Brown - Mondi Group South Africa
"George delivers such an informative course that is not only practical but also gives you the tools to apply it in the real world."
Peter Pasquareli - Australia
"I have done six sigma training a couple of times informally. This is by far well thought out. I have used a couple of the tips and tricks for project delivery. I think the stakeholder engagement part and problem statement components of this course are the best."
Sandisiwe Manentsa - South Africa
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Your Trainer and Coach - George Lee Sye
George is not a lean or six sigma zealot. That doesn't mean he isn't knowledgeable technically. What it does mean is that he's committed to the idea of improvement and getting results effectively using whatever tools make the most sense. And that's what he teaches his students.

After more than two decades of leading projects and practical application, with a dedication to studying that which works most effectively, George has developed an extraordinary, widely sought after, body of knowledge upon which this training is built. His story is here.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do students need to complete a project during the training phase?
No they don't, the purpose of this phase of certification is to confirm ability to use lean tools only.

Application of lean and six sigma methods in the solving of problems is confirmed in the LSS Green Belt certification process after students lead an improvement project.
Do students need to complete a project to get certified?
Yes, this is important for two reasons:

(a) the students learns how to apply the different methodologies in the real world situation of the work place, and

(b) value is generated for the host company through working on an actual value adding improvement project.
How does the coach work with a coaching student during the project phase?
The coach will provide just-in-time video based pro tutorials that will help them set up for the project work, and undertake activities that follow a carefully thought out sequence of work.

The ultimate goal is to guide the student in taking their project to the point where solutions are identified and an implementation plan is underway ... as a minimum.

In reality, the actual implementation of solutions may take much longer than the 26 week coaching program time frame.

Students will have up to 1-hour of coaching calls available during this phase.
How does a student know what tools they need to show competency with?
Assignment guides provide all of the information a student needs to undertake the work.

If a student completes all assignments, they will have worked with the lean tools listed as evidence requirements.

Those who have chosen the certification option, will be provided with a checklist of tools that must be lodged for certification.
How will a student know what the standard is for using a tool?
If students provide evidence that is similar to what is shown in the text book - Process Mastery with Lean Six Sigma - they will have met the minimum standard.

The standard the coach is looking for when reviewing work is also described in each assignment.
Does a student need to use every tool in their project?
Definitely not!

Competency with tools is assessed during the lean practitioner course and six sigma practitioner course.

During the project phase, we simply want the student to (a) lead a DAMIC oriented project that (b) solves a problem and (c) provide the specifically listed evidence related to that work as well as (d) an affidavit confirming the value they generate through their work.

The focus here is on execution of a project, not use of tools.
What happens if a GB Pro coaching student does not lodge assignments?
It is ultimately up to the student to do the work. In cases where they don't, the coach will prompt them.

In cases where it persists and the coaching arrangement is part of a larger company contract, the coach will escalate the situation by providing information to the relevant BI Manager or representative.
How is the certification exam conducted?
The exam is conducted online via the 9 Skills Factory platform.

It is a self-paced, open book exam where students are given 7-days to complete the 4 parts.

Each of the parts can be undertaken separately and on different days according to what works best for the student.
How will a student know if they’ve passed the exam?
The pass rate is set at a minimum of 80 percent correct.

For each part of the examination, students get immediate feedback on (a) whether or not they passed and (b) the percentage answered correctly.
What does a student do if they do not pass the exam?
The student can undertake the exam as many times as they need to in order to achieve a pass result during the 7-day examination period.

It's not the intention of the exam to test memory, rather the intention is to reinforce learning and test their ability to find answers and utilise the tools.
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