Getting Certified As A Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

Lean six sigma skills can turn you into a highly sought after super effective problem solver .... conditional upon you learning the practical aspects of their use to solve problems in any industry.

That’s why your trainer and Master Black Belt, George Lee Sye,  focuses on teaching you how to use these lean and six sigma methods to actually solve business problems and quickly make quantifiable improvements that add value.

IMPORTANT - We do not follow an old outdated model of teaching theory and a bunch of tools. To achieve the goal that best serves you, George will show you how the methods really work in a practical problem solving way based on more than two decades of actual problem solving experience in businesses with lean and six sigma.

This training program was designed and delivered by one of the most sought after change leader trainers in the world - George Lee Sye. And it is underpinned by a best selling body of knowledge authored by your trainer.

The course will provide you with a unique and practical perspective on how to make relevant and value generating improvements.

This approach will guide you in only doing what you need to do to get the improvement result as quickly as possible. And if you commit to doing that consistently, watch how that impacts your career.

The full Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification program is made up of three phases which includes 2 primary courses described below.

Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt (CLSSGB)
CLICK HERE to download information on the overall program design including certification.

Course Reference = CLP
- 13 modules and 47 lessons
- Downloadable 81 page course workbook
- Downloadable tools and templates
- Guidelines for practice and application
- Comprehensive notes and readings drawn from the lean six sigma body of knowledge textbook

Objective = Certified Lean Practitioner (CLP)


Course Reference = CSSP
- 15 modules and 80 lessons
- Downloadable 105 page PDF course workbook
- Downloadable tools, templates, data files
- Guidelines for practicing and applying six sigma tools and methods
- Comprehensive notes and readings drawn from the lean six sigma body of knowledge textbook

Objective = Certified Six Sigma Practitioner (CSSP)


- Pre-certified as Lean Practitioner & Six Sigma Practitioner (see above)
- Project review
- Open book examination (lean and six sigma theory and practical)
- Affidavit of project leadership
- Competency confirmation by George Lee Sye

Objective = Certified LSS Green Belt (CLSSGB)

The LSS Green Belt Training Plan
You'll be provided with everything you need to undertake the training with the exception of the statistical analysis software. For the six sigma component and final exam, you will need access to either SigmaXL or Minitab software. If you need more information please email us at [email protected].

The training plan is as follows:
STEP 1 - Register for 14 Week Guided Training
STEP 2 - Download course workbook & tools
STEP 3 - Complete weekly tasks 1 to 7
STEP 4 - Complete assignments 1 to 7
STEP 5 - Retain assignments for certification
STEP 1 - Open the course on your 9SF dashboard
STEP 2 - Download workbook, tools, data set
STEP 3 - Complete weekly tasks 8 to 14
STEP 4 - Complete assignments 8 to 14
STEP 5 - Retain assignments for certification
STEP 1 - Open the LSSGB Certification module
STEP 2 - Download the Certification Pack
STEP 3 - Lead 1 DMAIC based improvement project
STEP 4 - Assemble evidence as per checklist
STEP 5 - Lodge evidence for certification
STEP 6 - Sit the Green Belt Exam
Your Access Options
A Training Program Second to None
Lean Practitioner Training (13 modules)
Lean Practitioner Certification Process
Six Sigma Practitioner Training (15 modules)
Six Sigma Practitioner Certification Process
LSS Green Belt Certification Kit
LSS Green Certification Exam
Certification Application Marking and Feedback
All Tools, Templates and Resources
Unlimited Access to Course Content After Certification
Meet Your Trainer

George Lee Sye has taught and applied lean and six sigma methods since the late 1990s across a board range of industries. He is also author of the best-selling body of knowledge - the ‘Process Mastery with Lean Six Sigma' text book.

He has trained an enormous number of people in improvement concepts at the green belt, black belt, master black belt, line manager and CEO levels.

His simple and pragmatic approach to business improvement at all levels is proving to be exactly what the business world needs and seeks when it comes to generating actual value from this form of education.

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