18 Lessons From Riding Motorcycles Fast

18 Sep 2019

Obviously motorcycles are a big part of my life. So earlier this week while pondering the things I’ve learnt on track, I found myself mapping those lessons into life, business and leadership.

Even if you don’t ride or race motorcycles, I’m pretty sure you’ll understand the lessons anyway.

18 Lessons In No Particular Order

#1 - Where you look is where you naturally tend to go - be careful about what you give attention to

#2 - Dress properly for the occasion - looking cool just might not cut it

#3 - I am the cause - most of what takes place is a result of what I do, not circumstances .. however shit does happen occasionally

#4 - You’re kids might not want to be motorcycle riders, don’t force them to do it so you can achieve your goals as a parent

#5 - You can’t start in top gear, momentum builds when you start in first gear

#6 - All the technology in the world won’t make you successful - you still have to have sound strategy, determination, unreasonable positivity and a fair dose of talent

#7 - The faster and harder you ride it, the more wear and tear takes place - the older models have trouble keeping up

#8 - Look after the vehicle and it will look after you

#9 - Refuelling is essential

#10 - Learning never stops unless you have the illusion you are learned

#11 - Learning is incremental, if you keep at it, where you get to can be monumentally different from where you began .. even though you might not notice the change

#12 - When a bend in the road comes at you, lean into it .. there’s always a bend coming your way

#13 - If your speed and direction is wrong for a given place, brake hard and change direction

#14 - All the bullshit talk in the world won’t help you when it’s time to deliver results

#15 - Someone better is always coming - you’re only in front for a while

#16 - No matter what problems I have, I always remember the audience isn’t there to hear me talk about them

#17 - There’s plenty of dry track days, but sometimes you have to ride in the rain ... if you wimp out people will talk about you

And finally..

#18 - BMW’s are not cheap, but man they are good :-)

Author: George Lee Sye
The psychology of performance and achievement has fascinated George his entire adult life. The practical application of what he's learned can be found in his books on 'controlling your brain' and 'problem solving in life'.

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