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17 Sep 2020
Some good can come out of the pandemic response. In our case we've found a way to be even more effective in delivering professional development and lean six sigma training.
11 Sep 2020
The Minitab Statistical Analysis Handbook was previously only available in printed format. Well now, it is available as an eBook for the latest Minitab Version 19.
2 Jun 2020
An article about why we plan data collection the way we do in six sigma project work. A quick look at the end result gives us clues.
28 May 2020
These are the lean six sigma training options available to you through the 9 Skills Factory platform in association with Soarent Vision.
14 May 2020
An article about the integration of both lean and six sigma methods to create value by removing the most common forms of waste in your business.
23 Apr 2020
George explains how and why a coaching program, if done properly, can enhance a sound business improvement strategy.
20 Apr 2020
Even when change is forced on a company, opportunities exist to make progressive change that positions them in a better place.
19 Mar 2020
Here's is George's 3-step framework for developing a resume that differentiates you for promotion and jobs.
18 Mar 2020
A sneak peak at George's new legacy packs designed for influencers and presenters.
18 Mar 2020
George Lee Sye's continuity plan for dealing with Corona Virus driven changes to travel arrangements.
9 Mar 2020
An article about what to look for when considering online training as an education option.
5 Mar 2020
An article about Contrast and Comparison as important influence tools that all change leaders should be aware of.
4 Mar 2020
9 Skills Factory now issues Certificates for skills based training courses.
13 Feb 2020
Our promise to make every single piece of content we have accessible to everyone is now becoming a reality through our legacy pack approach.
30 Jan 2020
An article about Social Proof as an important influence tool that all change leaders should be aware of.
17 Dec 2019
An article that will help you understand why it is sometimes a struggle to get people to change in large organisations.
11 Dec 2019
An article about the single biggest cost in your business that you probably know the least about - Human Resources.
2 Dec 2019
A look at the most common questions we receive about Lean Six Sigma training specifically and how to get value out of it.
28 Nov 2019
A look at the most common questions we receive about Lean Six Sigma as part of a business improvement strategy and how to get value out of it.
21 Nov 2019
If providers of master black belt training aren't careful, they will be the cause of MBBs becoming irrelevant.
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