Expanding Our Thinking
UPDATE - 14 MAY 2024
The Path to Artificial General Intelligence
Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) ..
.. achieving a level where it can perform tasks better than all human beings is a significant and often discussed goal within the field of AI research.
Evolution of Artificial Intelligence and Future Life with AI
The history and evolution of Artificial Intelligence (AI) ..
.. is a fascinating journey that stretches over decades, marked by milestones of innovation, theory, and application.
How Could AI Augment BI and Lean Six Sigma Methods
Is it possible that AI could be used to ..
.. augment or improve the way we approach business improvement with lean and six sigma methods. Here are some answers to that question.
Tribute To The Last Anzac
Australian patriot George Lee Sye Snr wrote a poem ..
.. about the last Anzac. He knew that one day the status of this person would become legend. Lest we forget!
What Is The Difference Between ChatGPT and Google Search
Google and AI platforms such as ChatGPT ..
.. are not the same. They have crossover similarities for sure. However, the difference between the two is really quite significant.
Argument Strategies Every Presenter Must Know About
PART 1 OF 4 ..
If you deliver a presentation or argument or debate a point, be aware of the fallacies often used to disprove your argument or to convince an audience of another point of view.
PART 2 OF 4 ..
More fallacies that you as an ethical influencer, will probably be confronted with as people attempt to disprove your argument or to convince you of another point of view.
PART 3 OF 4 ..
Two more fallacies that you will probably be confronted with as people attempt to disprove your argument or to convince you of another point of view.
PART 4 OF 4 ..
The final two fallacies that you will probably be confronted with as people attempt to disprove your argument or to convince you of another point of view.
Understanding and Exploring Servant Leadership
Servant leadership isn't about being subservient ..
.. or always seeking consensus, nor is it being overly warm and fuzzy. Iit's a leadership style that encourages accountability and ownership, driving positive change within organisations.
A Pathway to Mastery in Your Chosen Field
In today's fiercely competitive landscape ..
.. where individuals constantly seek to stand out in their careers or business ventures, the question arises: How does one become a recognised master in their field?
Benjamin Franklin Effect: A Strategy for Influencing Change
The Benjamin Franklin Effect is ..
.. a psychological phenomenon that can be used for the purpose of influencing buy-in to positive organisational change such as business improvement initiatives.
How Business Improvement Can Stifle Innovation
It's been said that "business improvement ..
.. stifles innovation". This article explores the reasons why this can be the case, and what you need to know to avoid the stifling of innovation.
Optimising Training With Open and Closed Loop Strategies
Open loop and closed loop are ..
.. two different types of control systems. In this article we discuss how these can be used effectively in training and capability development contexts.
Developing Specialised Knowledge and Expertise
Employees with specialised knowledge ..
.. contribute significantly to their organisation's success. Their unique capabilities can give companies a competitive edge, making such employees crucial to retain.
Narrowly Focused Incentives Can Lead to Negative Impacts
Sometimes companies are driven by incentives ..
.. that serve them in their pursuit of profit, but result in behaviours that are not beneficial on the whole.
Shifting From Siloed Behaviour to Internal Customer Focus
Everyone talks about understanding ..
.. what a customer's needs are. Yet it is not unusual for internal customers to be misunderstood while focus remains on achieving business objectives and siloed KPIs.
Navigating Economic Challenges By Becoming an Indispensable Asset
The 2020 COVID crisis prompted ..
.. a discussion on how individuals might make themselves invaluable in their organisations, and possibly securing their employment.
The Dunbar Number
The Dunbar number is a theoretical cognitive limit ..
.. to the number of people with whom one can maintain stable social relationships. But does it have implications beyond just social relationships?
Avoiding Influence of Cognitive Bias When Analysing Data
Cognitive biases can affect various stages of ..
.. the data analysis process. Here are a few ways cognitive biases can influence data analysis and what you can do to avoid that.
7 Signs That Tell Me Your BI Strategy Needs Rethinking
There are the characteristics I've observed in companies ..
.. that now tell me a business improvement initiative probably needs to be looked at or it is at risk of disappearing or being replaced with another.
The Limitations of R² in Correlation Studies
This article explains why we don't use the Coefficient R² ..
.. for the purpose of drawing conclusions about correlation between variables.
The Same Mean and Median Does Not Mean Normality
Just because a data set has the same mean and median ..
.. does not mean it is normally distributed. Let's clear up the confusion.
Avoiding Paralysis by Analysis When Studying Cause Effect Data
I found a way, years ago, to avoid getting bogged down ..
.. in data – to avoid the challenge of 'paralysis by analysis' when digging into the numbers to find the cause of something.
Asking The Right Questions in Root Cause Analysis
Many students of 'root cause analysis' training ..
.. are taught to questions based on the word 'why'. This article explains why that question might not be the best one.
Why Organisational Behaviour Change Does Not Always Stick
When organisational change is dependent on a human behaviour shift ..
., and the persons involved can choose to not engage in the new behaviour, the real test of change leadership begins.
Communication in Crisis: Lessons from Exxon Valdez and Others
Effective communication during a crisis can ..
.. make or break a company's reputation and future success. Some companies excel at this, while others fail.
Demystifying Percentage Values: A Closer Look at Their Use
This article intertwines the complexities and utilities of ..
.. percent values, offering a lens through which they can be critically assessed, ensuring that their application is both ethical and informative.
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