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13 Feb 2020
Leaving Behind an Education Legacy
I've just done something I believe will throw a curve ball into the world of professional development.

I made a promise back in 2019 when I turned 60 that I would put everything on the table that I know and teach to people about improvement, influence, change leadership, productivity ... the kind of stuff that we know has a huge impact on a person's career and their business.

It seemed to me that it would be a shame for it to disappear when I eventually retire.

So we moved everything into this new platform called 9 Skills Factory, and this has opened up the way for me to deliver on my promise.

Well.. it's finally become a reality!

Here's what we've done.
We basically looked at everything we have - that's a big list of courses, resources, ebooks, audio files etc - and then worked out how we could bundle these into what I am calling LEGACY PACKS.

The intention is to offer these to career motivated people at super low prices.

When content is in digital form, it's easy to do that. If it's in printed form or it requires my time then obviously it's not quite as easy to do.
It Begins Here
In this first step, which will be one of many..

.. we bundled up all of the business improvement / problem solving training and resources that I deliver to our corporate customers and created a PROBLEM SOLVING LEGACY PACK.

Traditionally the contents of this pack would cost someone around $2,597. But now we can knock off around 96% and still cover the costs of marketing, hosting and distribution.

Details of this first LEGACY PACK ARE HERE

Please share this with people you know will benefit from it .. your help in leaving behind this legacy would be so appreciated.

George Lee Sye
Build a CV That Sells YOU Most Effectively
Download George's CV template and guidebook here.
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