Influencer's Guide to PowerPoint Presentations

3 Jun 2021
This long awaited online course version of George Lee Sye's masterclass training, is now live on the 9 Skills Factory platform.
Influencer's Guide to PowerPoint Presentations
This influencer's masterclass will forever transform the way you think about, create and deliver slide based presentations!
It was built on a foundation of 16,000 plus hours of presentations delivered over 21 years, and extensive study and research into the psychology of influence and how people respond to external stimulus such as slide presentations.
The major components of learning in this course are:
1. Slide Design
2. Content Assembly in Slide Format
3. Delivery of the Presentation
Course Curriculum
The course is delivered through 14 videos that cover more than 100 minutes of content. It follows this curriculum.
Part 1 - Major Mistakes
We kick off by looking at the five major mistakes every presenter makes. This is especially prevalent if they use standard PowerPoint or Keynote templates in their presentations.
Part 2 - The Psychology of Focus
Understanding how and why people give attention to various things on slides sets us up to be more effective in guiding that focus and getting the intended presentation outcome.
Part 3 - Slide Design
We refer to the major mistakes and psychology of focus, and turn what we know into a set of principles for slide design. This will help you think about how you set up your templates as well as the content within your slide packs.
Part 4 - Assembling Presentation Content
The rubber hits the road when we take what we now know and assemble the content in such a way we do not violate certain principles, while optimising the way we deliver our message and create 'stickiness'.
Part 5 - Presentation Strategy
The final piece is to discuss how we go about actually delivering the presentation. Here we look at what we refer to as our 'Presentation Strategy 6-Pack'.
Part 6 - Slides in Video Recordings
We show you how we use and incorporate slides in our training recordings. Includes a discussion on the different technology you can use to achieve this.
Part 7 - Aide Memoire
We summarise all of the content of this course and develop a presenters' aide memoire.
The final assessment is a self-paced, open book quiz where we reinforce the key points of the training.
Getting Access
All 9 Skills Factory Academy Members have automatic access to the course. Non members can access this course as well, full details are here.
Build a CV That Sells YOU Most Effectively
Download George's CV template and guidebook here.
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