9SF Now Issuing Certificates for Courses

4 Mar 2020
Certificates are being issued by the 9 Skills Factory for completion of many of the platform's training courses.

The certificates are issued for each course in the name of the person completing the training and each will have a unique Certificate ID number. The file will be downloadable in PDF format and can be stored and printed for your personal records.

The courses that have certificates will be those that are skill based and at the very least require you to complete an assessment as the final step.

IMPORTANT - Whatever name you've inserted into your profile, that is what will appear on the certificate. So please update your profile with the correct full name details.
The conditions for issuing a certificate are set in course settings when we create the course. When these conditions are met, a confetti animation and a message will popup on the course page.
You can see your certificates by viewing the top right corner of the member dashboard, clicking your Avatar > Achievements.

The Achievements popup window will appear, and you can access files by clicking the download icon beside each certificate.

These certificates will be retained on the 9SF platform for as long as you have a member account.

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