Continuity Plan For COVID-19 Changes

18 Mar 2020
Training Delivery Continuity Plan For Corona Virus Driven Travel Changes
Sorry for the long wordy article folks, I just wanted to update you on our plans for developing BI capability for our customers while we feel the effects of global reactions to Corona Virus / COVID-19.

In anticipation of probable changes to the rules we have to work within as we develop customers' BI skills in classroom format, these are my plans for addressing the different potential scenarios.


(E.g. Employees can travel and assemble locally, but trainer cannot travel (such as international or interstate travel bans or flight cancellations) and is prevented from attending the training)

Planned Approach:

1.1 Adapt the alternative training simulation to accommodate remotely guided / locally facilitated activity

1.2 Remotely guide / deliver training content via virtual conferencing to assembled students (using platforms such as MS Teams / Webex etc)

1.3 Coach local facilitators (i.e. MBBs) to assist with the hands-on simulation coaching activities


(E.g. Employees not allowed to travel or assemble as groups in a training facility)

Planned Approach:

2.1 Run online instructor led group learning (delivered in online modules, scheduled over time with assigned application work)

2.2 Assign application on the job activities using individual work processes

2.3 Engage with students and guide the training via a virtual conference platform as well as the 9SF training forum (for ongoing coaching and mentoring)

2.4 Additional coaching support via email / skype etc can be a part of the approach


(No training allowed at all)

Planned Approach:

3.1 If the reason IS NOT financially driven - To promote to customers as much as we can the idea that now is a good time to allow employees to undertake training, not shut it down - use the Scenario 2 approach to deliver training

3.2 If the reason IS financially driven - Offer a minimum cost training alternative for self paced development via our 9 Skills Factory platform - in times where employees might be made redundant, they must have access to supported development for other jobs


The answer is no, provided we include 3 important elements.

First recognise that the 'mechanics' of the tools can be taught in a number of ways including via video.

I know that face-2-face classroom is actually no more effective than a "well made video" (that's the assumption) in showing how a tool works.

People around the world constantly use YouTube videos to effectively learn how to do things.

What's most important in maintaining quality for us is that these three elements are included:

(a) Application and coaching on use of the tool is provided close to the time of first learning

(b) Post training reference is available - e.g. written instructions, re-watch videos etc

(c) On the job application on well selected projects with expert coaching and mentoring through the process is provided

Those elements have always been necessary and all are implemented in our delivery options.

Hope this helps, I'm positive about us continuing to focus on 'execution' and delivering business results.

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