9 Skills Factory Knowledge Sharing Edition 001

10/04/2023 23:28:36 +0000
Welcome to the first edition of our customer news / knowledge sharing posts.
In this first edition we are focusing attention on these topics:
  • Public Speaking
  • Personal Productivity
  • Human Psychology / How Your Psyche Affects Everything You Do
  • High Performance as an Employee
When you CLICK on the link for each article, it will take you to George's personal website where they are posted.
4 Public Speaking Tips
The question is – "what do you need to do to be a great public speaker". I think these are more important than the technical aspects. 
Productivity Reminders
People mostly talk about productivity from a scientific perspective. Yet the psychology that underpins it is equally as important.
Your Psyche Affects Everything
How you approach one thing is how you approach everything! Your psyche unconsciously affects everything you do.
Parallels of Superbike Riding
I've realised that many of the skills and thinking patterns of Superbike riding relate strongly to high performance in business.
Author: George Lee Sye
These articles and videos are the product of the work and research of George over a long period of time spanning more than three decades.
The objective here is to make sure we share these learnings and this knowledge and leave no stone unturned in our efforts to have a positive impact on those who we work with and support.
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