Minitab Statistical Analysis Handbook

Locate Function Instructions So You Can Effortlessly Learn and Use Minitab


All business improvement professionals know how important sound quantitative analysis is, yet statistics can be challenging to learn and use properly.

Throw on top of that a complex statistical analysis software package that you also need to learn and remember, and suddenly you find the whole concept very challenging to use.

That’s why we put together this Minitab Statistical Analysis Handbook ..


.. to remove the pain of finding different functions and trying to remember how to use them.

How To Use The Handbook

Three simple steps:
(a) Refer to the table of contents,
(b) Locate the function you need, and
(c) Then follow the instructions.

Each function is detailed in such a way (refer to the image) that it guides you where to go and shows you what to click on.

Where to Buy This Handbook
What's In The Book?
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