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TGE #81- Wokeness: What It Is and Its Pros and Cons
TGE #80 - Keeping People Focused as a Manager
TGE #79 - Sheena Livesey - Nursing Training, Hospital Wards, COVID19 
TGE #78 - Andrew Read - Health and Fitness, Mindset, Ageing Athlete, COVID19
TGE #77 - MOTO EDITION with Harry Khouri
TGE #76 - Cassandra Alexander - Year of the Nurse, COVID Wards, Nursing, PTSD
TGE #75 - Keith Banks - Gun To The Head, Tactical Operations, PTSD
TGE #74 - MOTO EDITION with Mitch Paynter
TGE #73 - MOTO EDITION with Steve Brouggy
TGE #72 - MOTO EDITION with Ash Hare
TGE #71 - Don McKay - Building Personal Resilience
TGE #70 - MOTO EDITION with Al Samuels
TGE #69 - 5 Mindset Lessons for Entrepreneurs
TGE #68 - MOTO EDITION with Mark McGregor
TGE #67 - MOTO EDITION with Stephanie Redman
TGE #66 - Public Speaking Mastery Requires You To Be These Things
TGE #65 - Kate Sommerville - Career Development, Leadership, Remote Teams
TGE #64 - Keith Banks - Drugs Guns Lies, Life Undercover, Dealing with PTSD
TGE #63 - Don McKay - Special Ops, Teams, Bonding, Leadership, Plan Execution
TGE #62 - Don McKay - Surviving Cancer, Chemotherapy, and Resilience
TGE #61 - PowerPoint Presentation Mistakes to Avoid
TGE #60 - 5 Principles That Help You Succeed with Modern Professional Development
TGE #59 - When Business Improvement Kills Innovation
TGE #58 - The Hawthorne Effect as a Practical Improvement Strategy
TGE #57 - Perfect Practice Makes Perfect
TGE #56 - Public Speaking as an Introvert
TGE #55 - Get Your Moments Of Truth In Order
TGE #54 - Your Proposals Will Be Much Better If You Get The Right Information First
TGE #53 - 11 Principles for Delivering Remarkable Presentations
TGE #52 - Unusual English Words
TGE #51 - Expanding Your Awareness
TGE #50 - Do Not Pitch Your Idea Too Soon
TGE #49 - New Year and Pandemic Driven Opportunities
TGE #48 - COVID19 Led To A Better Framework For Professional Development
TGE #47 - Overcoming The System That Prevents Improvement
TGE #46 - What Is The Best Form of Evidence To Prove Your Ideas in a Pitch
TGE #45 - Pitching Your Ideas to Senior People - Stop Asking for Permission
TGE #44 - Maintaining Momentum for Change
TGE #43 - The Art of Stakeholder Engagement
TGE #42 - How To Uncompress Your Time As A Manager
TGE #41 - The Storming Phase of Team Development Can Be Accelerated
TGE #40 - Great Leaders Eat Last
TGE #39 - The Art Of Reinforcement For Long Term Behaviour Change
TGE #38 - Culture Change Requires Beliefs and Values Change
TGE #37 - Execute Your Business Plan Like A Pilot Flies An Airliner to Los Angeles
TGE #36 - So You Want To Run Meetings That Do Not Suck
TGE #35 - YouTube Style Video Is Not THE Training Solution
TGE #34 - 5 Keys To Effectively Sponsoring Improvement as a Manager
TGE #33 - A Fundamental Mistake In Planning The Military Do Not Make
TGE #32 - Increase Your Own Productivity While Reducing Stress
TGE #31 - Getting Employees To Solve Behavioural Problems For You
TGE #30 - 3 Phase Improvement Projects Are Faster
TGE #29 - Four Questions That Get The Monkey Off Your Back
TGE #28 - Strategies for Building Leadership Teams
TGE #27 - A Tribute To The ANZACS and All Service Men and Women
TGE #26 - How A Coaching Style of Leadership Causes Sustainable Improvement
TGE #25 - How and Why Coaching Can Enhance Improvement Initiatives
TGE #24 - How To Become A Genuine Master In Your Field S2 E17
TGE #23 - Building Trust Quickly as a Leader or Business Owner
TGE #22 - Servant Leadership Drives Accountability and Ownership
TGE #21 - Don't Be a Cost - Become an Indispensable Asset
TGE #20 - Stop Asking Does It, Start Asking How Can I
TGE #19 - How To Write And Publish A Book
TGE #18 - How To Make Yourself Valuable To High Performance Leaders
TGE #17 - 8 Tips for Navigating Through Tough Times
TGE #16 - How To Differentiate Yourself for Promotion or Jobs
TGE #15 - Adding Value and EnterpriseIS with Craig Hurkett
TGE #14 - 6 Improvement Scenarios That Kill Innovation
TGE #13 - 17 Life Lessons From Superbike Riding
TGE #12 - Leading High Performance Employees with Don McKay
TGE #11 - Thinking Patterns That Will Enhance Your Life
TGE #10 - Talking Performance with Don McKay
TGE #09 - Talking CI with Ross Turnbull and Wade Pritchard
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