Systematic Problem Solving in Business
Solving Problems in Business With The Right Mindset and Tools
Every business experiences unexpected deviations!
Systematic Problem Solving for Managers is a practical guide to problem solving in business. This systematic approach is practical and easy to follow and draws on the simple logic of Six Sigma.

Lean addresses waste and flow through a process. Six Sigma addresses variation in product or service outputs as they affect customers.

Systematic Problem Solving for Managers addresses the missing piece..

..problems associated with special cause events.

The author presents tools and a 5 step process we can all use as part of our day to day work.  

He addresses both the psychological aspects of problem solving, as well as the technical elements of the methods used.


The logic behind the process is based on five principles.

  • Clarify the problem before trying to solve it.
  • Consider deeper level causes before trying to identify solutions.
  • Acknowledge there are many ways to solve problems so explore every possible idea for doing that.
  • All solutions have the potential to create new problems.
  • The final and ultimate key to success is to take action.
Tools / Methods
Comprehensive instructions and examples for utilizing the tools presented.
  • The psychology of problem solving and problem clarification
  • Failure Mode and Effect Analysis
  • Comparative and Drill Down Cause and Effect Analysis
  • Decision making tools for choosing solutions to problems
  • Potential Consequence Analysis
Available in Digital for Kindle and iPad
Systematic Problem Solving for Managers
by George Lee Sye

It offers an array of simple, yet extremely practical tools for solving event based problems not effectively covered by Lean and Six Sigma toolkits.

It adds to the skill set of Lean Six Sigma practitioners.

The Original Print Version
by George Lee Sye

As a flow on from the problem solving in life book, the original publication of this topic was titled IT'S STILL NOT A PROBLEM and it is still available in paperback form.

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