What's New in The Latest SigmaXL Version 9.1

04/22/2022 05:55:37 +0000
What is SigmaXL?
If you have not yet heard of SigmaXL yet, the creators describe it in this way:
"SigmaXL was designed from the ground up to be a cost-effective, powerful, but easy to use tool that enables users to measure, analyse, improve and control their service, transactional, and manufacturing processes. As an add-in to the already familiar Microsoft Excel, SigmaXL is ideal for Lean Six Sigma training or use in a college statistics course. Version 9 adds Time Series Forecasting and advanced control charts."
The software was updated recently to Version 9.1 for Windows PCs (released 15 March, 2022).
This new version brings more features to the table for business improvement practitioners.
At the time of writing this article, the Mac version 9.1 was not available but was scheduled for release very soon.
The Shift from Version 8 to Version 9.01
In the shift from Version 8 to Version 9.01, the features that were added included these:
  • Time Series Forecasting and Control Charts for Autocorrelated Data
  • New and Improved Control Charts including New Templates
New Features in SigmaXL Version 9.1
Now SigmaXL has added new features in Version 9.1 including these:
  • Statistical Tools > Advanced Multiple Regression > Fit Multiple Regression Model
  • Statistical Tools > Advanced Multiple Regression > Multiple Response Optimisation
  • Help > Summary of Graphical Tools
  • Help > Summary of Statistical Tools
CLICK HERE to download the list of new features in Version 9.1
CLICK HERE to download full list of all software features in Version 9.1
Author: George Lee Sye
George is a long time user of SigmaXL in his work as a business improvement professional, and trainer of all levels of lean six sigma education.

You can find out more about George's work with lean six sigma and SigmaXL here: 
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