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Ultimately the role of your coach is to..
  • Give you insight from a new angle
  • Pose questions you have not thought to ask
  • Provide guidance when you get bogged down
  • Pull you out of the weeds when you need to see the big picture
  • Help you to solve specific problems
  • Provide technical information you don't have
  • Hold you accountable for progress
  • Provide experienced mentorship
  • Help you get results quickly and simply
Both the Green Belt and Black Belt programs have a phase of coach guided training
Green Belt Pro Program
In Green Belt Pro, the formal training takes place over the first 14 weeks of the program with weekly tasks and assignments and coach feedback.
Black Belt Pro Program
In Black Belt Pro, the formal training takes place over all 26 weeks and runs concurrent with project leadership and coaching.
During training phases, we will take the guesswork out of how you master the tools of improvement
Training is an important element and each coaching program comes with access to certain training courses.
14 Weeks of Pro Coaching and Personal Feedback
Facilitation Skills Training
Lean Practitioner Training
Lean Practitioner Certification
Six Sigma Practitioner Training
Six Sigma Practitioner Certification
Green Belt Certification Process
Green Belt Certification Exam
Project Start Up Blueprint Course
Pre-recorded Web Classes
12 Weeks of Project Execution Coaching
26 Weeks of Pro Coaching and Personal Feedback
Project Start Up Blueprint
Failure Mode & Effect Analysis Training
Project Management Training
Quality Function Deployment Training
Quantitative Decision Making Training
Black Belt Certification Process
Black Belt Certification Exam
Pre-recorded Web Classes
Forum Access
Additional Masterclasses
During the project leadership phase, your coach helps you align 5 levers that drive success in improvement work
Successful project work for you will come through us zeroing in on the 5 most important levers that we've observed over the past 25 years to be the common elements of successful improvement work.

Pull on all of these levers together in the correct way, and you will become a problem solving dynamo who gets results way faster than most others.

And best of all, without the complexity and frustration many have experienced in poorly taught and coached improvement initiatives.

  • Lever #1 Project Selection - Ensuring you have the right projects to work on that have the best chance of success for you and your company
  • Lever #2 Problem Clarity - Getting clear on what the problem actually is so you can start the work with clarity and an understanding of the importance of the work
  • Lever #3 Pre-measuring and Planning - Setting your project work up for success with knowledge of what's actually happening in the process, planning it from end to end, and building the appropriate agreements before you kick off
  • Lever #4 Simple Execution - Executing the plan with simplicity, concentrated focus on team activities and use of a minimal amount of tools to get to the end result
  • Lever #5 Rapid and Sustained Change - Implementing solutions as quickly as possible and making sure mechanisms are in place to sustain relevant behaviour changes
Private / Tailored Coaching and Feedback
Access to Pre-recorded Web Classes
Coach Guided Green Belt Training
Green Belt Competency Certification
26 Week Professional Program
12 Week Project Masterclass Series
Personalised Tuition
6 Months Fixed Duration
$450 /month (+GST)
Private / Tailored Coaching and Feedback
Access to Pre-recorded Web Classes
Coach Guided Black Belt Training
Black Belt Competency Certification
26 Week Professional Program
Project Coaching (up to 2x Projects)
Forum Access
6 Months Minimum Duration
$550 /month (+ GST)
FOR COMPANY PURCHASE ORDERS - please note that an invoice administration fee of $110 is charged for each invoice issued in response to purchase order payment arrangements.
Frequently Asked Questions
Yes they can.

Registration and kick off can be synchronised so that all selected participants undertake the program at the same time.

This allows the host company to engage in team development, group coaching and complete skills development in predetermined waves.

More information is available here.
Yes, green belt is a pre-requisite. Ideally the participant will have undertaken training with George and 9SF.

However if they have completed green belt with another provider, gaps in their training can be closed out in a number of ways.

Before entering into the BB Pro program, we recommend you talk to us directly about individual scenarios.
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