Responding To COVID19 With A Better Training Solution

17 Sep 2020
Some good has come out of the COVID-19 Pandemic response. In addition to the family interaction benefits that are being seen in certain places, we are also forced to come up with better ways to operate and deliver services to customers.
Responding to COVID-19
What we did was study the old way which predominantly focused on classroom or conference delivery -

.. we identified the strengths and weaknesses of that approach

We also looked at what we'd been doing with online delivery over the past 10 years ..
and identified the strengths and weaknesses of that

Then we designed a professional development approach which combines the strengths of both and resolves all of the weaknesses.

The end result is what we now refer to as a COACH GUIDED TRAINING AND APPLICATION FRAMEWORK

It works this way ..
Each week students of the various programs receive an email from the coach

They are given a specific learning task and assignment

The students log into their personal account on the 9 Skills Factory platform ..

..and they do the training by accessing workbooks, videos, text book readings, tools and learning reinforcement quizzes.

They then apply what was covered in a workplace assignment.

The assignment is lodged each week with the coach who gives each student one-on-one personal feedback and tuition.

Depending on the program, the post training phase can include coach supported improvement project work

THE END RESULT is a program thats strong in a number of areas ... including ..

Really Effective knowledge Transfer using multiple modalities where students Read, Watch, Write and Draw

Theory is transferred into application through problem based weekly Workplace Assignments

Unlimited Re-watch Access for students

and 24 Hour Access with Short Interval Controls

that customers can tap into and use to drive momentum.

Here's an example.

This is what we've learnt.

This framework results in deeper levels of individual learning where no student can slip underneath the radar

It lowers training costs yet can produce better application outcomes for both students and host companies ..

assuming you have a culture where learning is valued and time is made to actually do the work

Because it can be initiated at any time, it can be integrated into company systems - ...

... Human Resources - business improvement to name a few

It can also be transitioned into internal company coaching and training without you reinventing the wheel and developing content -

.. technology today offers that advantage.

Definitely the most significant thing we've done in the past twenty years ...

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