Mindset and Strategies for Being a Powerful Problem Solver in Life
We all have problems..
This is an inspiring book for those of you pursuing personal excellence that will change the way you feel about the inevitable challenges you are confronted with, what you believe about yourself and ultimately how you go about dealing with those challenges.

In this book George discusses problems solving from the perspective of one's personal life.

How you can consistently tackle and resolve life's inevitable challenges, how to use these challenges to enhance your career and your unconscious thinking patterns so you become the best you can and get from life everything you know you deserve.

This book may well be called a workout guide. It provides you with 10 principles that will:

- empower you,

- change the way you approach life’s inevitable challenges, and

- enhance your leadership skills through helping you better master yourself.

Available in Digital and Paperback
The Problem Solving Brain
by George Lee Sye

The author is renowned as a master problem solver. During his working career [which began in 1975] he has been consistently promoted and given opportunities because of his ability to resolve problems quickly and effectively.

During his 11 years in in the field of counter terrorism, he was called upon to resolve problems in more than 400 operations. He has taken what's he knows about how the mind and body responds in the direst of circumstances, and blended that with what he's learnt about problem solving in business and day to day living.

This is an incredibly easy to read guide to help you take control of that brain of yours. It breaks sound psychology down into simple concepts we can all understand and apply in practical ways and then wraps it all up into 10 strategies or principles that you can apply on a daily basis.

by George Lee Sye

Get access to both of George's high performance mindset books in this ultimate book bundle:
- How To Take Control Of Your Brain
- The Problem Solving Brain
These are must reads for anyone committed to becoming the best version of themselves they possibly can, and anyone who seeks to be a better coach to others when it comes to performance mindset.

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