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Our Professional Development Legacy Packs
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2. Pitching and Selling
About the 9 Skills Factory

After four and a half decades of outstanding career progression, George Lee Sye created 9SF to put  today's most important career enhancing skills into the hands of highly motivated, career driven, go getters.

Everything we know about influence, problem solving, public speaking, presenting and change leadership is being put on the 9SF education table for you to access. Big focus now is on delivering his Legacy Packs

After coaching more than 200,000 people our mission now is to positively impact the careers and businesses of 1 million self starting go getters, that’s why we are here to help you to:

  • Accelerate your own career and/or business,
  • Get results that stand you out from the crowd,
  • Become a pitching and influence dynamo, and
  • Focus your attention on the things that matter most to you in business and in life.
Check Out The New 9 Skills Factory App
The 9 Skills Factory app is now available for Android and iOS devices.

The perfect accompaniment for improvement professionals and members who train with the 9 Skills Factory.

Tough times call for tough measures.

Now is the time to update / upgrade your Resume so that it sells you and the value you bring to the table.
FREE Web Classes
Understanding Lean Six Sigma

Clearing up the myths and misinformation about improvement methods.

LSS and Your Career

How lean and six sigma can enhance your career, and how to get qualified.

Presentation Strategy

A blueprint for turning any presentation into a persuasive pitch for buy-in.

Popular Courses
Tools that will help you pull waste out of your work so you have more time to focus on achievements
The most complete skillset and toolbox you need for leading improvement work anywhere
Skills and strategy for turning any presentation into a powerfully persuasive pitch that gets buy-in
Latest Articles
28 Apr 2021
An article about leading high performance employees and getting the most out of what they bring to the table.
7 Apr 2021
Many, if not most, companies have incomplete improvement initiatives.
9 Mar 2021
Here's why George called this platform the 9 Skills Factory - it wasn't a random thing.
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Brain Control is Possible
IWT Model of Leadership
You Must Break These Patterns
Our Most Popular Books
The practical psychology of presenting ideas to get buy-in.
Our best selling lean six sigma body of knowledge for practitioners.
Problem solving psychology, strategy and tools for change leaders.
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