Business Improvement Coach
Level 3 Business Improvement
Recipients of the 9 Skills Factory BI Coach Qualification not only possess the knowledge and skills to a minimum lean six sigma green belt standard, they have the capability and tools to coach and guide candidates of green belt level training in their business improvement work.
They can:
(a) Support a business in creating an effective, sustainable and value adding BI program, and
(b) Effectively guide and coach candidates in the execution of value generating improvement projects to the standard of a green belt.
They have the opportunity to progress further and attain up to a Level 3 BI Coach qualification through the 9 Skills Factory.
Level of Professional Development
Time Commitment
10-12 HOURS
Continued Professional Development (CPD) Scoring
51 CPD Points (Allocated @ 1 per lesson, 3 per quiz)
Attainment Criteria for Level 1 BI Coach (Appointed)
TRAINING - Complete the BI Coach-the-Coach training program.
APPLICATION - Apply the coaching skills learnt as an internal coach in support of green belt candidates undergoing formal training and coaching.
ASSESSMENT - Successfully pass the BI Coach-the-Coach exam / Provide evidence of:
(a) participation as an observer in one full cycle of the 9 Skills Factory GBPro Coaching program, and
(b) provide coaching support for a green belt candidate undergoing training
Attainment Criteria for Level 2 BI Coach (Qualified)
Must be a Level 1 Coach who has coached 1 or 2 students through the 26 week GB cycle by providing:
(a) 14 weeks of assignment feedback and tuition to a technically correct standard, and
(b) 12 weeks of effective project execution guidance
Attainment Criteria for Level 3 BI Coach (Qualified)
Must be a Level 2 Coach who has coached a proportionate quota of students through the 26 week GB cycle - providing:
(a) 14 weeks of assignment feedback and tuition to a technically correct standard
(b) 12 weeks of effective project execution guidance, and
(c) assessed the competency of students to be certified as lean six sigma green belts
Competencies Demonstrated
Candidates holding this qualification, have successfully demonstrated the following core competencies:
  • Identified relevant BI projects and established a pipeline of value adding project work
  • Coached sponsors on their role in driving the generation of value through an effective business improvement strategy
  • Demonstrated technical competence with improvement methods to a higher level than a green belt student
  • Guiding a green belt student through an effective project execution process, mentoring the leadership of a DMAIC project so that momentum is maintained, and results are generated as quickly as possible
  • Providing technical guidance to green belt level practitioners so they use the most relevant tools and processes correctly
  • Coached a student who has understanding gaps, to an improved understanding
  • Support of project leaders with advanced technical methods (ie. MSA, RCA, DC Planning etc.)
  • Put a student at cause, providing timely and effective feedback and guiding them into behavioural change
  • Support of project leaders with advanced facilitation and change leadership methods (ie. pitching ideas, stakeholder engagement etc.)
Training Information
For more details about the training that the qualification holder has undertaken, view the links below.
Business Improvement Coach
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