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29 Dec 2021
Over the course of the last two years, we issued a range of lean six sigma qualifications to quite a few business improvement professionals.
4 Jun 2021
The long awaited online version of George Lee Sye's PowerPoint training is now live.
11 Sep 2020
The Minitab Statistical Analysis Handbook was previously only available in printed format. Well now, it is available as an eBook for the latest Minitab Version 19.
28 May 2020
These are the lean six sigma training options available to you through the 9 Skills Factory platform in association with Soarent Vision.
19 Mar 2020
Here's is George's 3-step framework for developing a resume that differentiates you for promotion and jobs.
18 Mar 2020
George Lee Sye's continuity plan for dealing with Corona Virus driven changes to travel arrangements.
10 Mar 2020
An article about what to look for when considering online training as an education option.
13 Feb 2020
Our promise to make every single piece of content we have accessible to everyone is now becoming a reality through our legacy pack approach.
18 Sep 2019
Even if you don't ride or race motorcycles, you'll appreciate these lessons for life, leadership and business.
13 Jun 2019
Technology is changing and advancing at a rate that is difficult to keep up with, you know that don’t you? That’s why you need to constantly update your understanding of what technology can do for you organisationally and personally.
6 Jun 2019
When people talk about productivity, they mostly approach it from a scientific perspective, and not a psychological angle. Yet the psychology that underpins your ability to produce is equally as important.
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