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21 Sep 2022
The 9SF App is finally here, giving you access to all of your academy content.
26 Apr 2022
Progress tracking through courses on the 9SF platform is now automated.
22 Apr 2022
SigmaXL software was recently updated to Version 9.1. This new version brings more features to the table for business improvement practitioners which are described in this article by George Lee Sye
9 Mar 2021
Here's why George called this platform the 9 Skills Factory - it wasn't a random thing.
25 Feb 2021
The 9 Skills Factory Academy colour codes all courses to help members selection relevant training.
17 Sep 2020
Some good can come out of the pandemic response. In our case we've found a way to be even more effective in delivering professional development and lean six sigma training.
18 Mar 2020
George Lee Sye's continuity plan for dealing with Corona Virus driven changes to travel arrangements.
5 Mar 2020
9 Skills Factory now issues Certificates for skills based training courses.
24 Sep 2019
Updates to the 9SF training platform made on 23rd of September 2019.
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